Battleground WWII

Available June 2012
ability strategy

Immerse yourself in a game that combines your ability to strategize with your ability to fire. Help the allies on their way to Berlin using rifles, SMGs, machine guns and bazzucas in a fully destructible battlefield where your ability to strategically move and place your soldiers is as important as your ability to fine tune the shot between the enemy trenches.
Play a thousand times with 2 players mode "pass and play" and its version with Game Center and Open Feint coming soon.

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About Battleground WWII

After the landing of Normandy and inbetween Operation Overlord, the allied army makes its way from the French coast to the heart of the Nazi army in Berlin. Leading a group of soldiers make your way through the enemy lines in city environments, field and snow. Battleground WWII is a game where you combine your ability to lead the shots together with strategic elements and positioning of essential units to carry your army to victory. Everything in Battleground is destructible! Trees will give you coverage but if you shot them they will no longer offer any coverage!!. Think before you shoot!

The most important features of Battleground are:

  • All elements that offer coverage can be destroyed! trees, house, cars, trenches ... And all with just a shot! just because you are behind a wall don't make you safe!!
  • In Battleground WWII you have at your disposal an arsenal of 4 weapons (which is always growing) where each has its own characteristics and abilities.
  • When you win battles you get medals to unlock upgrades for your soldiers and weapons
  • Do not miss the chance to humiliate a friend with the mode "pass and play" of Battleground WWII.
  • Battleground WWII has a team excited about the game that will improve it gradually with the features you are most interested. Help us by telling us that you would like to have.
  • Battleground is a complete game, we're not going to charge you for new DLCs that will include improvements, units, scenarios, etc .... Pay once and always have fun!
  • Soon the multiplayer with Game Center and Open feint